Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Queen Anne Remodel, Spring 2013

Urban Painting Northwest performed various painting services at this gorgeous Queen Anne residence as a part of a larger remodel.

The paintable surfaces were for the most part all brand new.  Patrick Bennion, of Bennion Construction asked us to be a part of their team for this project.  We completed surface preparation and painting of the private living level, as well as primed and prepared the upper floor, walls and ceilings for future painting.  This project involved an entry way, staircase, hallway, two bedrooms, one bathroom and a previously unfinished upper story that finished to the prime stage.

All new and existing trim, casings, doors, built-ins, and moldings were sprayed, walls and ceilings were rolled out.

Of the many tasks we perform, being aware of working within a finished space means that dust control and keeping our work site clean is paramount to the success of our project.  Additionally, when there are brand new surfaces integrated with existing surfaces, getting the tie-in between old and new is a judgment call that takes an experienced team of painters to understand and execute. 

Before and After of the Staircase

Our beloved staircase featured above is a gleaming example of the confluence of several trades, schedules, timelines, ideas about quality levels and such.  Each trade involved with this piece of the project displayed an attention to detail and and understanding of the next persons role when executing this choreographed dance of work.  This level of thoughtfulness is not found on every job site, and we are lucky to have been a part of this team and project.

"Jeff does an excellent job
communicating with the General Contractor as well as the
home owner; providing all parties with a sense of current
status and understanding regarding the project at

"Jeff has a talented crew. They
make the extra effort to ensure quality is

Owner of Bennion Construction.

Before and After of a Bedroom