Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Queen Anne Remodel, Spring 2013

Urban Painting Northwest performed various painting services at this gorgeous Queen Anne residence as a part of a larger remodel.

The paintable surfaces were for the most part all brand new.  Patrick Bennion, of Bennion Construction asked us to be a part of their team for this project.  We completed surface preparation and painting of the private living level, as well as primed and prepared the upper floor, walls and ceilings for future painting.  This project involved an entry way, staircase, hallway, two bedrooms, one bathroom and a previously unfinished upper story that finished to the prime stage.

All new and existing trim, casings, doors, built-ins, and moldings were sprayed, walls and ceilings were rolled out.

Of the many tasks we perform, being aware of working within a finished space means that dust control and keeping our work site clean is paramount to the success of our project.  Additionally, when there are brand new surfaces integrated with existing surfaces, getting the tie-in between old and new is a judgment call that takes an experienced team of painters to understand and execute. 

Before and After of the Staircase

Our beloved staircase featured above is a gleaming example of the confluence of several trades, schedules, timelines, ideas about quality levels and such.  Each trade involved with this piece of the project displayed an attention to detail and and understanding of the next persons role when executing this choreographed dance of work.  This level of thoughtfulness is not found on every job site, and we are lucky to have been a part of this team and project.

"Jeff does an excellent job
communicating with the General Contractor as well as the
home owner; providing all parties with a sense of current
status and understanding regarding the project at

"Jeff has a talented crew. They
make the extra effort to ensure quality is

Owner of Bennion Construction.

Before and After of a Bedroom

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A few words from Steve about his experience.

Steve contacted me several months before we started work on his Industrial-Modern loft, with a problem.  He wasn't happy with the colors that came with the purchase of his really cool loft, and needed some help finding the solution.  Right away, we began working on selecting the right colors for his space.

Steve knew he wanted a rich and modern look, something that would complement his furnishings and the cool architecture of his loft.  With a lot of natural light and 20'+ ceilings providing the volume, we were confident using medium to dark tones would be dramatic and help bring the space together.  We settled on the final colors......

Mike and Alex worked at Steve's for a week and tackled monster ceiling heights, beams suspended in the middle of the loft, and perfected every detail they encountered.  They had a great time, and made sure Steve was happy too.

I'm so very pleased to share with you Steve's experience, in his own words.

Urban Painting & Northwest Interiors offers experienced, professional work of exceptional quality, managed with a personal touch and offered at competitive rates.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Trim Work


A refreshing update completed by Urban Painting & Northwest Interiors.

(Pictured Left)

Alex replaces window hardware after beautifully applying a coat of Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo.

(Pictured Right)

This casement window in the living room highlights our crisp transition lines between the wall and trim surfaces.  The bottom trim board is showing a nice "glowing" reflection of light.

(Pictured Left)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Urban Painting and Northwest Interiors teams with home owner to design and execute an updated and fresh look. 

Our approach is to collaborate with all of our partners in a project and bring the best ideas forward no matter the source.  We take great pride in executing our craftsman painting work with a thoughtful purpose.

Laurelhurst 2012 | Interior Painting

Cabinets were done in Benjamin Moore AF-20 Mascarpone.  Product is Alkyd Satin Impervo

Living room walls are in Benjamin Moore Frosted Toffee, 988

The blue bathroom turned out really well.  This was a big hit!  Cabinets were done in AF-20 and the walls are Benjamin Moore Blue Ice

Monday, September 10, 2012

  Fall BBQ 

On one of the very last really awesome Friday's this August, the crew at Urban Painting enjoyed an evening by the Lake.  Mike showed off his new Mercedes convertible and offered test drives around the neighborhood, while Lynn prepared her sliders for the grill.  We are proud to be the team serving our customers and creating positive experiences for our partners.
Thank you for a great Summer!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Benefits of consistent paint color and product in apartment and condo rental interiors

One of our favorite things to do at UPNW is to assist our customers and industry peers make their job smoother and save money.  From the perspective of a 15 year Property Management veteran "the most important thing I can do is demonstrate to an owner that I have increased their profit (NOI) and saved them money. That is the only thing that really shows off my worth to an owner".  Lynn-Property Manager

Where painting is concerned consistency is key whether you are contracting your painting out to a vendor or having your in-house maintenance staff perform the task. With a little planning and organization, you will be on your way to saving some time and some cash! 

Here are our best tips to get started:

1.  Walk all of the units in the building at least once per year as a rule but for this exercise; to inventory the condition of wall, ceiling and trim paint. Make note of the condition particularly the colors that have been applied.
2. With the help of your painting contractor or trusted paint store, choose one color paint that will be neutral in color (not bright white) and compliment your unit finishes. If your finishes vary you must keep this in mind and choose a color that will work with multiple finishes.  Take your demographic and budget of-course into consideration during this process.
3.  Choose your products wisely. In the long run a better quality paint will provide better coverage and may reduce the number of coats, hold up better longer and have less off-gassing. For walls, an eggshell or satin finish is recommended as some stains wipe off with out removing paint. For kitchen and baths we recommend satin as grease and soap scum wipe off easier. (this helps your residents keep their place cleaner) Finished product varies by paint manufacturer so it is a good idea to test the product on a 1x1 patch of wall before committing to it. For Ceilings, paint in a white flat color looks sharp but for extra savings have your ceiling paint match your wall color. *This looks good especially if your units have crown molding.  *You should also choose a primer and sealer product. 
4. If you or in-house maintenance are painting, make sure you have the right tools for the job. A good paint store representative will gladly make a list of the sundries to keep on hand for unit painting. Most larger retailers will provide free training if needed. There is really nothing more obvious than a bad paint job. Sometimes hiring a professional will save you and staff time and headaches.
5. Keep a log updated of the status of each unit, the exact product to be ordered and where so anyone at anytime can look this up.

 What ever products you choose, use them in every unit ALWAYS! Initially you have to draw the line, dispose of all old paint laying around, properly of-course, and go for it. At first this may seem like you are taking a step backwards but here are the reasons this makes so much sense for the future of your property.

a. After the initial repainting, you may only have to touch up areas or a wall or two during turnover which saves time and money          on your turns.
b. You reduce the amount of products on hand and the required safety data sheets. 
c. You can negotiate a better price with your paint supplier.
d. Reduce the time that you and your staff spend deciding what is needed for turns.
e. If you cannot show a perspective renter the actual available unit, you can show another with the same interior paint color and project confidence in 
    your product.

UPNW is here for you if you have questions about this blog subject or decide you would rather hire a professional to paint your apartments.